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BozzSEO - Hamilton SEO Agency provides SEO services at a highly competitive price.

We help businesses to rank on Google and generate SALES!



Local SEO

Local SEO

Let us help your Local Business ranks #1 on Google Maps and "beat" all competitors in your local area

Web Design

Web Design

Design an eye-catching and professional website that suits your niches, services, and business types. (Free LOGO)

Website SEO

Website SEO

With unique techniques of BozzSEO, we guarantee optimizing and driving Organic Traffic your website

Google Suggestion

Google Suggestion

Creating Google Suggests (Google Autocomplete) for any keyword is an affective way to stand out of your competition

SEO Consultation

SEO Consultation

Make a detailed SEO strategy based on customers' goal and budget for Businesses and Marketing Agencies


#1 Hamilton SEO Agency

Contact BozzSEO to have a ranking website that really works and generate SALES!

Website Design


#Step 1: After filling the contact form, we will be contacting you for strategy consultation based on your current situation

#Step 2: If you decide to be our partner, we will have commitments on the project (ranking, traffic, calls …) after deep researching your business’s competition

#Step 3: Signing contract and payment

#Step 4: We will begin SEO process and send you weekly report (based on campaign’s estimated length)

General FAQs

1. Will you commit anything?

Not like other SEO agencies, they make commitment on the process of doing SEO. (link building, content building,…)

On the other hand, at BozzSEO, we commit on keyword ranking and organic traffic!!!

3. What if I don't have an available Website?

We are willing to help you to design an eye-catching and professional website that will rank and generate SALES! >> Web design

2. How long does it take until getting visitors?

SEO time depends on the keyword’s difficulty and its competitors. So you have to contact me and let me to provide information about your business, website, keywords that you want to rank for and your budget

4. Why is your Pricing Plan cheaper than others?

BozzSEO is not an employer. In other words, we are self-employed and we outsource tasks (our job is to make strategies, plan, and commitment). So we can avoid taxes, or wages for employees

Get FREE Google Suggestion

google suggestion
Google Suggestion

Benefits of Google Suggestion

✔️ Recommend your brand to potential customers who search for your services/products
✔️ Drive real traffic signals to your website
✔️ Increase Credibility
✔️ For local businesses: Become the “dominator” in your local area
✔️ For enterprises: Make your brand become the leader in your field
✔️ Creating brand awareness in people’s mind
✔️ And many more advantages
❌ Create “bad suggestion” against your competitor  (don’t recommend)

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