Onpage SEO: Definitive Guide [2021]

on-page seo

What are on-page SEO and its role in the survival of a website? What businesses do to optimize on-page SEO? Check out BozzSEO‘s tips on a successful on-page SEO strategy! On-page SEO is defined as a job that includes many tasks that SEO-er optimizes directly on websites so that they are ranked higher on the results that search … Read more

What is the Knowledge Graph?

Google Knowledge Graph is part of universal & extensive search and thus, enhances Google organic search results. The knowledge map is presented in a reserved area in the SERPs with results from a variety of sources distributed graphically. We are BozzSEO – Hamilton SEO Angency The Knowledge Graph is just one of the ways Google tries … Read more

9 Reasons for Google Panda Penalty and Recovery Plans

google panda

This article BozzSEO will help you understand what the concept of Google Panda is and give out the reasons why your website gets penalized by this Panda algorithm. What is Google Panda Algorithm? Google Panda is an algorithm that was launched in February 2011. Google Panda helps to change the ranking on SERP (search results) better and fairer, returning … Read more

Google Penguin: The Definitive Guide

Google Penguin

In 2012, Google officially released a webspam algorithm update that hits spam links and link building. The webspam algorithm then became officially known as the Google Penguin algorithm update. This information was known through a tweet by Matt Cutts – the head of Google’s webspam team. Although Google named this algorithm Penguin. But there is no official announcement as … Read more

The power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Hamilton SEO Agency – BozzSEO SEO is one of the most frequently used terms in digital marketing. However, not many business owners are aware of SEO and its importance to businesses. In this blog, BozzSEO will summarize the ocean of information about SEO into something that a non-marketer can easily … Read more