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What is Google Suggestion?

Google Suggestion or Google Autocomplete is a function of Google Search Engine that suggests popular phrases to users when they type their search query into the search bar.

Why do we need Google Suggestion?

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Google Suggestion and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Normally, Google’s Suggested keywords are considered as the most searched queries. So, Google Suggestion is also a tool that helps researchers and marketers in understanding new trends in a certain field.

In SEO, there are not many people knowing the importance of Google Suggestion, as they thought it cannot be optimized.

On the other hand, there are many SEO-ers that are creating Google Suggestion for their SEO keywords. And they are getting a load of traffic from “Exact match keywords”.

Stop competing with "Giants"

When you cannot rank on top #1 in the high competitive queries (short queries) like “SEO agencies”, “real estate”, “clothes”, …, then you can make people to specifically search for you “SEO agencies bozzseo“, “real-estate bozzseo“, “clothes bozzeo“, … for example.

Remember, Google Suggestion should be considered as a SERP where you compete to rank on top #1 and get traffic.

What SEOers should DO?

Rank on top #1 of Google Suggestion boards for highly competitive phrases


Try to rank #1 on SERPs on tough keywords

Ranking On Google Suggestion board


  • 100% to be #1 on SERP
  • 10x Less Competition
  • 6x Less Time 
  • 7x Less Budget


  • Not all users will click on suggested query

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