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Google Suggestion board

Google Suggestion or Google Autocomplete is a function of Google Search Engine that suggests popular phrases to users when they type their search query into the search bar.

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Why do you need Google Suggestion?


When your brand is searched on Google (branded queries), it sends a very strong signal to Google that your brand is well knwon, thus, increase ranking for non-branded keywords as well.

Gaining Trust

When your brand appears as a suggestion, people think that “it must be searched by a lot of people”

Creating trends

When your brand is suggested, 60% will click on the first suggestion. It creates more and more branded searches over time, and it will be there for a long time.

Ranking On Google Suggestion board


  1. 100% to be #1 on SERP as people searched for your brand name.
  2. Less competition
  3. Less time
  4. Less investment


Not all users will click on suggested query

You cannot rank top#1 for “seo hamilton“, but you can rank #1 for the suggestion of “toronto seo bozzseo” – where you have no competitors on SERP


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