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Ranking top #1 on SERP wining Google Maps Local 3-pack make you the leader in your local area!

BozzSEO helps your business rank locally in your city

What is Local SEO?

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Local SEO (local search engine optimization) also called Google Maps SEO.

This refers to a set of activities to increase rankings of Google My Businesses or Websites for geographical search queries.

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Why is Local SEO (Google Maps SEO) important?

Smartphone users search for a local business on Gooogle.

Searchers will choose businesses on the first result page

Smartphone users searched for a local business will visit that business within one day

What is Google 3-Pack?

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Google 3-Pack smartphone view

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Google 3-Pack desktop view

Google 3-Pack is a pack of top 3 local businesses (a.k.a GMBs) on Google Maps ranking. It is placed on the very top of the Google Search Result Pages. Thus, appearing in Google 3-Pack increases visibility as well as reliability for businesses.

What is Google My Business?

google my business profile

Google My Business (GMB) represents your local business on Google Search Engine and Google Maps.

It helps you promote your business on search engines for local keywords as well as searches on Google Maps

In other words, creating a GMB for your business is to tell the online world that you exist.

Google My Business optimization service of BozzSEO helps businesses to approach potential customers on Google Search Engine and its network

BozzSEO guarantees your business’s visibility on Google 3-pack after 2 months.

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Local SEO in Hamilton market

Ranking top #1 on Google Maps makes you the most reliable business in your local area

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What is Google Suggestion?

Google Suggestion (Google Autocomplete) helps you stand out from the crowd, thus, win trust from potential customers in your field.

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