What is SEO? Why SEO is important for your business?

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Concept SEO Website has become quite familiar, is a quite popular Marketing channel today. Let’s find out what SEO is and what it is related to!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a special technique in Internet Marketing. The goal is to help the website achieve high rankings on the search pages, typically Google. So what information you need to know more about SEO? Don’t worry, the Eye of the Storm Wiki will get you covered.

Types of SEO often do:

  • Keyword  SEO or Website SEO is the most popular and popular form. Most businesses or SEOs want their keywords to rank high on Google search results
  • Image SEO: Technique that SEO uses a technique to bring images in your website to the top of Google search when a user searches for that keyword and selects the displayed images tab.
  • SEO Clip:  It is possible to SEO videos, clips available on the web, or uses other information channels such as youtube to display your website on the Video tab.
  • SEO Google Map (Local SEO):  A way to help searchers easily see where to look on Google Map
  • SEO App Mobile:  This form of SEO will be displayed by the App on the search page that Google displays, making it easier for users to choose.

What is onpage SEO?

On-page SEO is to optimize what is displayed on the website such as meta, content, headings, images, … with the aim of increasing the page’s ranking on search engines.

On-page SEO refers to the activities on a website to improve organic visibility. This largely means optimizing a website and content to improve the accessibility, relevance, and experience for users. 

Some on-page SEO activities include:

  • Keyword research : Analyze the types of words and frequency used by potential customers to find a service or product under the brand name. Understand their intentions and the user’s expectations from their search.
  • Technical Audit: Ensure the site can be crawled and indexed, geographically accurately targeted, and free of bugs or barriers to user experience.
  • On-premises optimization: Improve site structure, internal navigation, on-page alignment, and content relevance to help prioritize key areas and target relevant search terms.
  • User Experience:  Ensuring content shows expertise, authority and trustworthiness, is simple to use, fast, and ultimately provides the best possible user experience against the competition.

What is offpage SEO?

Offpage SEO is a method of optimizing external factors. Those things include link building, social media channels, social media bookmarking, … in order to increase the number of reputable links from other websites. Because search engines use them as a score as a vote of credit.

Links from sites and sites that have trustworthiness, popularity, and relevance pass more value to another site than a poor, unspecified site not found by search engines. find trust. So the quality of a link is the most important signal. Backlink has many different ways to place.

Examples of some popular forms of off-page SEO:

  • Build Sites to run backlinks
  • Put backlinks on high authority sites. Maybe in article or footer for a certain price
  • Use social media to go backlinks

Obviously there are a large number of reasons why one website might be linking to another, and not all of them fit the above categories. A good rule of thumb about whether a link is valuable or not is to consider the quality of referral traffic (a visitor can click on the link to visit your website). If the site won’t send out any visitors or the audience is completely unrelated and unrelated, then that might not really be a link worth pursuing.

What are the advantages of SEO?

SEO has many advantages, of which the outstanding advantages must be mentioned are:

  • Optimize the rate of return compared to investment costs
  • Cost savings
  • Improve user experience
  • Support customer analysis
  • Bring reputation to the business
  • Brand developping

Optimize the rate of return compared to investment costs

An outstanding advantage of SEO is that it helps optimize ROI (Return On Investment – the rate of return on investment costs).

Accordingly, the exact determination of search keywords has an important meaning in increasing the number of users accessing the website. This helps businesses gather detailed information about the number of potential contacts. Customer behavior from the moment of selection to purchase is also profitable. At the same time, we know the keyword that brings the highest rate of customer completion.

From there, contribute to increasing website traffic and conversion rate. It also contributes to increasing the profit rate of the business

Cost savings

SEO is a form of Marketing based on creating attractive content that attracts customers’ interest. According to research, SEO can save 61% of costs compared to selling over the phone.

Improve user experience

In the process of SEO optimization, businesses constantly improve the structure of websites. They refresh their content to give customers the best experience.

This will make it easier for those who find the website as well as information on the website of the business. As a result, customers will know and appreciate the quality of the business.

Support customer analysis

SEO has an important effect on assisting businesses in conducting customer analysis . From there, help businesses find portraits of their potential customers. Select effective marketing methods to maximize the attention of customers.

Bring reputation to the business

The higher the search ranking of a business on search engines, the more customers will know and trust the business. From there, bring prestige to the business in the market.

Brand developping

If SEO is good, the business will continuously appear on the top of the search engines. Corporate brand recognition will also achieve visible effects. This will help the brand of the business grow and expand more and more.

What are the downsides of SEO?

Besides the advantages of SEO, the long-term investment or the competitors are also the downsides of SEO, along with the details:

  • Long investment time
  • Competitors
  • The constant volatility of SEO rankings

Long investment time

SEO is a long term promotion method of website . Getting articles on your business website to appear at the top of the search engine can take a long time. It could even take months. So, with SEO, businesses need to have patience. And this method will not be suitable for business people who need fast advertising.


Obviously, with any business, competition is inevitable. So if your SEO campaign achieves impressive results. Competitors will change their marketing and attack you.

The constant volatility of SEO rankings

Search rankings are unpredictable. It can fluctuate without any prediction. Therefore, enterprises must anticipate all possible outcomes in order to take timely measures.

How to exploit SEO effectively?

To exploit SEO effectively, SEO strategy is important, let’s take a look at the following issues:

  • Make a business plan
  • Combine SEO with other marketing tools
  • Provide content value to customers

Make a business plan

First of all, businesses must work out a specific business strategy. Includes standard Website setup, to provide content, necessary information for customers.

Next, businesses will rely on human resources, finance, competitors, market demand, suppliers, and suppliers … to set out short-term plans and goals according to each stage of development. me.

Combine SEO with other marketing tools

To achieve the best results, businesses should incorporate other SEO marketing tools. This will keep your visibility on the top of your business search more effective.

Provide content value to customers

SEO is a marketing method that uses content to attract customers. Therefore, with good quality content, customers will trust and know more about the business.

What is the purpose of SEO  ?

When SEO is effective, web rankings are in the top position. Chances of your website appearing in front of potential customers are higher. Attract more views, improve the conversion rate into customers. Help promote the brand while increasing sales.

SEO is gradually becoming an important need for any Online Marketing strategy. The purpose of SEO is also for the development of brand and business; enhancing competitive advantages for businesses in the commercial landscape in the era of Internet booming.

People are searching every day and most of all just look at the first page of results. So if a customer is looking for your product, and you accidentally get ranked on the second page. You will be less likely to have customers visit the website. For Internet businesses, the battle for high rankings on search engine rankings is extremely important.

Above are some essential information about SEO. Hopefully through that, the business will have an effective insight into the question of what SEO is? At the same time have an effective strategy for developing its brand. Currently, there are many Cloud Hosting service providers that come with WordPress CMS. These services are Cloud Hosting WordPress, you just need to register for the service and your website has been optimized for SEO with SEO plugins and templates. You just need to optimize your content to get your website running high in search engines.

If you are using WordPress, YoastSEO is an extremely effective tool for SEO. What are you waiting for without optimizing your Website right now!

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